Removal of diseased trees

Tree diseases

These are most diseases affecting the trees. Pests are here and all disorders here.

Diseases in the plants can produce:

Mushrooms (95% of cases)




1. Phytophthora
2. Honey Mushroom (Armillaria)
3. Oidio
4. Roya
5. Negrilla
6. Leaf spots
7. Banana Anthracnose
8. Dutch elm disease
9. Mushrooms wood
10. Canker or Cancro
11. Seiridium
12. dry oak
13. Other fungi
14. Bacteria
15. Virus

Check your trees

A sick tree can show a variety of easy to detect symptoms that can help you save him before it is too late. Are some points to consider:

Generally, trees should have a lush and abundant glass. If the leaves of a tree begin to fall before autumn, it is a primary indicator of a problem. Leaves on a tree unhealthy sometimes not fall, but can discolor or just cringe.

Dead branches are an alarming symptom. If you notice that growth is uneven or unusual, this could also mean that there is a serious problem in one part of the tree.

Look for cracks or large holes in the trunk that may be accompanied by lack of bark, bark flaky or weak. Sawdust around the base of the tree can also be a sign that you have carpenter ants.

Your tree should have a “base root” healthy, the base where the tree grows and the roots are submerged underground. Extension trees without roots indicate a problem; fungi and mushrooms that grow around the trunk can be a sign of deterioration.

If you think your tree is sick and you need to remove
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Removal of diseased trees