Make that removal of old trees?

Sometimes the trees reach a point where they must be cut, especially if they are not drought-resistant trees. It can be a painful decision, but sometimes the trees are very close to the houses, are very ill, have an incurable infestation or grow tall and very close to power lines. If any of these things happen, it is better to do as instructed and get rid of this tree. Although situated spent countless hours making the tree stand as it is now, it is almost dishonorable let suffer under unfavorable conditions.

Techniques to remove trees


Once you have made the choice to remove the tree, you need to plan. I can start counting the number of windows broken and I’ve seen I’ve seen cars crushed by poor planning when removing trees. Decide which way you want to drop, and measure well the way it should be cut so that it can not damage anything else. Once that has been planned direction of fall, you should go to the top of the tree and tie two long ropes in the part. Then you √°nclelas the opposite side from which you want the tree to fall. This will allow you to adjust the direction of the tree once you have fallen, just in case it starts to lean towards somewhere.
Now that you have taken all the necessary precautions, you can start cutting down. If you plan to use a manually operated saw or an ax, please think about how crazy it is. Hand cut a tree can take a lot of time, and may never have the precision that could have with an electric saw. If you do not have one, or consider doing so. Ask your neighbors and see if anyone has one you can borrow. If that does not work, buy or rent one of their shop local home improvement.

Before you start to cut your tree, you should use eye protection and face in the event that a splinter can fly to you. I have a friend who was blinded in the right eye while cutting a tree, so I hope none of my readers make the same mistake he. When operating a power tool, always make sure you are using all necessary protection to the exposed parts of your body.

When making the cut, you should not make a straight line. It is always better to cut in a “V” as if cut in a straight line, the tree can roll from side to side. If you cut in the form of a “V” you can control the direction of fall. Occasionally human error when cutting can make fall a little further than calculated, so ask the help of some strong friends to linear path of the fall. The whole process should not take more than an hour.

Getting rid of the trunk remaining in the soil can be a little more difficult. You have several options; You can rent a garbage trunks that completely destroyed the entire visible section. Or you can spend countless hours digging and pulling. The latter is better, but it takes a long time. If you have children to help him, this should not be a problem because they like to dig in and enjoy the outdoor activities. This is the method I know, and which managed to get around the trunk in a week. Keep in mind that my trunk was about 30 centimeters in diameter and digging probably will not work for much longer logs.